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Imagine a creative agency where there are no walls between strategic planning, advertising and creative teams, digital marketing or PR. No barriers to block the free flow of informed ideas. Or to confine the imagination in the pursuit of the most effective, engaging communications. What you’re looking at is Pollett Marketing; a fully integrated, virtual consultancy. One that works collaboratively, bringing together all the expertise and experience you’ll ever want. And taking away the built-in overheads you’d rather do without.

For more useful insight into our open plan thinking, take a virtual tour and see just how much we can do for you.

Strategic planning

Our inquiring minds work to your advantage. We use them to understand what your business is all about, and to recognise what it has to offer. Which means that when we put our heads together, the marketing communications we plan will resonate with your audience, be embraced by your own people, and take your business to exactly where it wants to be.

Creative communications

Strategy directs our creativity. It shapes the messages we develop, identifies the communication channels that will be the most effective, and ensures the voice and visual language we use speak directly to your audiences. As inspired as it is insightful, our brand of marketing will produce the results you want. And more often than not, exceed them.

Inspired design

Understanding and expertise go into everything we create. From brand identities that truly reflect the ethos and personality of your business, to outstanding concepts for anything from a sales brochure to an exhibition stand,
our imaginative designs will demand attention, stimulate and sell.

Brilliant advertising

Our advertising gets you noticed. Regionally, nationally and worldwide – with our astute media planning and buying – it helps raise your profile in the right way, in the right places and connect with new customers. And, whether our strategy for your success involves online, print, broadcast or outdoor media, the compelling ideas and creative execution we deliver will achieve just the right response.

Engaging digital marketing

Relevance and visibility are what we build into your online offering. Both come from giving you a presence in the digital world your customers and other stakeholders inhabit. And they come with the creative and digital skills that ensure the response-provoking websites and online campaigns we create strengthen engagement and establish an influential dialogue.

Effective PR

Your story is one we tell remarkably well. With our in-depth understanding of your brand and knowledge of your market we’re able to push the buttons that get people talking about you. So that with every press release, blog, tweet, video, event or product launch, we’ll get you the exposure and publicity that raises your profile. And starts a new chapter in your success.

Impressive credentials

Our agency might be virtual but our experience is very real. Over the last 30 years, we’ve worked with big name multinationals, institutions, start-ups and dozens of businesses in between. Those clients include:


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